Olsen Twins Open First Flagship - The Row

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The first retail store for the Row was opened at place on Melrose Place, one of Los Angeles's toniest shopping streets, is the new American luxury brand created just 8 years ago by Ashley and Mary-Kate.

by Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Timesby Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times

The opening of the first retail store for the Row is a homecoming for Olsen Twin sisters, who made their fortune in Hollywood. Beauty denizens will recognize the modernist, stucco building with glassed-in courtyard pool as the former location of the Sally Hershberger at John Frieda salon, where the Olsens Twins had their hair cut when they were child stars. Before that, it belonged to Neil Diamond."

“For us, we very much wanted this to feel like a home. It is our first home, and it’s very California and what California means to us since we were born and raised here. When we go into other cities, we want the stores to feel like those places as well.” said Ashley.

"This came on the market, and there was no way we couldn't do it." said Mary-Kate.

“We started off by selling the Row in apartments in Paris, and we’d sleep there with the clothes. So it’s always been about welcoming people into our home, even at a wholesale level.” said Ashley.

“We’re fortunate we’re in a situation that based on our early lives we’ve been able to do what we wanted later.” said Ashley.

“Because Ashley and I are petite people, proportion has always been something interesting to us, whether it’s something oversized or something a little too small. When we were younger, it’s how we created characters. I think there is something fascinating about that.” said Mary-Kate.

The Olsen Twins never studied design, although Ashley had an internship with fashion designer Zac Posen and Mary-Kate interned with photographer Annie Leibovitz. But they have a staff about 60 people. And the clothing is impressively made, with double-face fabrics, reinforced stitching, hand embroidery and beading. With the exception of handbags made in EU, every piece is made in America, where the Olsens Twins have risen above the cliche of celebrity designers.

“The whole roof is covered in rosemary, so when it gets dry you’ll start smelling rosemary,” Mary-Kate said.

“We’ve been waiting for this moment for almost 10 years now, for today." Mary-Kate said.

The Row

Place: 8440 Melrose Place, Los Angeles, CA

Website: www.therow.com