by Jason Merritt / Kevin Winter / Gettyby Jason Merritt / Kevin Winter / Getty

Full Name: Mary-Kate Olsen

Official Site:

Nickname: MK

Husband: Olivier Sarkozy (from 27 November 2015)

Height: 5' 0" (152 cm)

Star Sign: Gemini

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Blue-Green

Collects: Candles And Beanie Babies

Features: Left-Handed, One Inch Shorter Than Ashley

Favorite Colors: Maroon And Blue

Favorite School Subject: Creative Writing

Least Favorite School Subject: Math

Favorite Hobby: Horseback Riding

Favorite Card Game: Spit

Favorite Movie: Titanic

Favorite Books: Adventure And Mystery Books

Favorite Animal: Horse

Drink Of Choice: Juice

Favorite Food: Pizza And Tacos

Favorite Veggie: Broccoli

Favorite Ice Cream: Mocha

Favorite Gum Flavor: Strawberry

Holiday Of Choice: Christmas

Instrument: Violin

Rise And Shine: "I like to wake up early."

Trivia: Enjoys yoga and horseback riding. Mary-Kate is younger than her twin sister Ashley by about 2 minutes (8:24 and 8:26). Her favorite party song is "Rock Your Body".

Personal Quote: How can you be organized when you're in Times Square?